Rotadent Electric ToothbrushOver the years I have had mixed emotions about the RotaDent electric toothbrush.  Overall it is one of my favorites, but I am not a fan of it as a solo brush.  Below is a list of features that the RotaDent has:

Rotadent Features

  • There is a LIFETIME warranty on the battery, as far as I am aware, they are the only toothbrush company that offers this.
  • The bristles are made of silk filaments vs. nylon bristles which is what most bristles are made from.  This is perfect for focusing on the gums where periodontal disease comes from, and for people who are concerned about receding gums or suffer with sensitive teeth.
  • It is the ONLY brush where the head rotates in a full 360*.  Although the other round style brushes appear to rotate, they simply oscillate back and forth.
  • There are multiple styles of heads which allow you to get deep into the in-between areas of the teeth and under bridges or implants.
  • Due to the pointed head, this style brush is perfect for reducing the stain and buildup which accumulate in-between the teeth or build up at the gum line.
  • Great for people in braces!  The pointed tip allows you to clean around the brackets and bands easily.
  • It is an extremely effective electric toothbrush in the fight of decay and gum disease.  When you begin using it you will notice a foam that is created even without toothpaste.  This is the bacteria being oxygenated.  You will notice this dissipate quickly with continued use, seeing as there is much less bacteria accumulating in your mouth.
  • 92% of the plaque is removed within 1 minute of use.
  • Bleeding gums and bad breath are greatly decreased when used properly.
  • The overall shape of the toothbrush is designed to mimic the polishing tool that is used to polish your teeth at the dentist.

To be fair, I have to give the “negatives”.  This is a list of some of the frustrations that both I and patients that I have seen over the years have stated.

  • It tickles like crazy!  Rest assured that within a few uses this gets better.  This happens because the brush is working in places that you have not gotten to before with the brush you are using.
  • It is difficult to brush your tongue with it, which is vitally important to a healthy mouth.  They supply a tongue scraper, or you can use a traditional brush.
  • It is very technique sensitive and takes time and patience to get used to it.
  • The old design left the bristles out in the open.  The new design has taken care of this issue by putting a cover over the head.
  • The other complaints that I have heard over the years were about the charger and the way it plugged in like a cell phone and lack of a timer.   The new Rota Dent Plus has taken care of this by changing the base of the brush and adding a 2 minute timer with multiple speeds on the brush.
  • Gel is recommended because paste is difficult to get out of the bristles.  You could also dip the head into a liquid such as Tooth and Gums Tonic and simply use the residual liquid to rinse with once you are finished.

Overall this has been a brush that I have recommended for nearly 20 years.  It has been a great benefit and lifesaver (or toothsaver) for many people.  Feel free to contact us for detailed instruction information on how to use this fantastic professional hygiene tool!