Just in time for the holidays we are happy to announce the giveaway this time is for a HydroFloss oral irrigator.  Now, I’m not sure how excited about irrigation you are, but as a hygienist, of the patients I see, the ones that are the healthiest are usually using irrigation at home in between cleanings.

Why?  Because irrigation removes what brushing and flossing can’t, and the HydroFloss is the most sophisticated irrigation device on the market!

First and foremost, this beauty ionizes the water on the way out.  The ionized water and the bacteria are magnets for one another.  So, while the HydroFloss pulsates the water (which gently massages the gums), the ionized water carries away food and bacteria from inside the pocket and in between the teeth.

Also, it is pressure regulated and will not damage the delicate gum tissue.  Also, there are advanced tips that can be used if you have a significant gum disease issue that you are dealing.  Most other irrigation devices are not pressure regulated, and when used on high power can actually damage the gums, causing them to be sore and helping your pockets to get deeper.  The unit comes with 4 color coded tips, allowing multiple users to enjoy its benefits.


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