#05 How The Anti Aging Product NeriumAD Changed One Hygienists Life: Interview with Rose Palmer RDH

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On this episode of the Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Podcast, I spend time with a fellow dental hygienist and we discuss what a career in dental hygiene is like when you get to live your passion and help people with their overall health.

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When done in the right environment, dental hygiene has the ability to help dramatically change people’s overall health and wellness.

Today we talk with Rose Palmer, a Dental Hygienist of 45 years and a dear friend of mine who (after all these years) still loves the opportunity to help not only the patients she sees, but the community as well.

She explains what her version of being a “whole-istic” (holistic) dental hygienist is, and how she also shares NeriumAD age defying treatment with her patients too.

Her passion to help people change their lives is infectious, and she explains how she is not only able to help people with their overall health, but with NeriumAD she is also able to help people make significant changes to their appearance and financial situation as well.

NeriumAd, Nerium, NeriumAD, anti agingRose shares with us her story of how her aging neck had her feeling so self conscious that she wore a mask around her neck to hide the sagging skin, and just before finding Nerium she had decided to have cosmetic surgery to fix her “problem”.

She decided to give Nerium a try, and that decision changed her life forever.  Her results seen in the photo were after only 6 weeks of using the night serum.

These results, the science behind the product and the clinical research conducted with Nerium made it very easy for her to make the decision to become a Brand Partner in Nerium.  Now does she not only enjoy the opportunity to help change the overall health and appearance of her patients, she also enjoys helping people change their financial lives as well!

Nerium Lexus, NeriumAD, Nerium BonusOne of her many favorite things about Nerium is her Lexus that is paid by Nerium as a reward for simply helping people live happier, healthier and more beautiful lives!  She is quoted by saying “I’ve heard the leather smells better when you’re not paying for it…I have to agree!!! Thank you Nerium Intl. So happy for this company, my new friends and now my new car.”

Listen to Rose, and enjoy the story that changed her life!

Click Here to Discover more about NeriumAD.

If you are a dental hygienist could you see this as an opportunity to help patients, and if you are a patient, would you consider buying a face cream in a dental office?  Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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