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Carrie is a dental hygienist, oral health coach and creator of 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth, an online course that teaches you how to care for your mouth with life long results. Her daily “bite-size” pieces to understanding what it takes to achieve a healthy mouth make it easy to learn and implement at home. Carrie owns and operates CarrieIbbetson.com, where she studies and recommends natural oral health care products that are effective and deliver great results. She helps families all over the world via Skype, and works locally in person as well as an oral health coach, a personal trainer for your mouth. She is happy to consult with anyone who may have questions. Come say hello on , Facebook and Twitter.

Christie Lincoln, RDH – Dental Hygienists vs Oral Health Coaches | Podcast #13

On this podcast episode, I talk with Christie Lincoln, RDH about the different types of hygienists you may find in everyday offices, and things you can use to tell if a dental office is one that you want to invest in.  We piggyback on last week’s episode where Cindy Johnson and I talk about interviewing

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Cyndee Johnson RDH – Choosing The Right Dental Office | Podcast #12

In this episode of Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Podcast, I interview dental hygienist and mentor Cyndee Johnson on the importance of interviewing dental offices when you are choosing them both as an office to visit and an office to work with. Cyndee is the owner of Scaler2Scheduler, a mentoring company that helps dental

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Stacey Fletcher, RDH – Cavities, Mouth Breathing and Breastfeeding | Podcast #11

Let’s face it; as an oral health coach, I spend a lot of time in groups answering questions about cavities and children. The stories I hear and the pictures I see break my heart daily. It also keeps me going when I feel like giving up. Many dental professionals will tell you that

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Win My Signature Coaching Program plus TepeUSA Products

Get ready to start the holidays without worrying about cavities as much! Many moms I speak to dread this time of year because of the sugary infestation that creeps into homes this time of year! As an Oral Health Coach, I can’t stress enough how important the right tools and brushes are. With the holidays

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Danielle Lickteig – Dental Hygiene, Beach Body and Being Coachable | Podcast #10

Today’s guest Danielle Lickteig, RDH of OwnMyTone.com shares her life changing experience on being coachable and now coaching. As a child, it’s normal to work with a coach.  Many kids play sports and at the head of the team is someone who (hopefully) has a skill set greater than the team who can

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Rose Palmer RDH – How The Anti Aging Product NeriumAD Changed One Hygienists Life | Podcast #5

On this episode of the Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Podcast, I spend time with a fellow dental hygienist and we discuss what a career in dental hygiene is like when you get to live your passion and help people with their overall health. When done in the right environment, dental hygiene has the

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Dr. Charles Whitney MD – Understanding The “Oral-Systemic” Link | Podcast #4

  "What’s  All The Fuss About Gum Disease and The Health Of My Body Anyway?" Understanding the "oral-systemic" link from a medical doctor's perspective Have you stopped to take a look at the health of society lately?  I struggle to see how many lives are affected by disease.  Given the current statistics of

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Dr. Chris Kammer DDS – The Health of Our Body is Directly Correlated to the Bacteria in our Mouths! | Podcast #3

  Dr. Chris Kammer has been a dentist for over 20 years, and in that time he has been passionate about making a difference in people's lives.  What started out as a passion for cosmetic dentistry, led him down a path that led to a huge discovery. The health of our body is directly correlated

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What Kind of Toothpaste Is Best For A Toddler? | Podcast #2

  This week Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Radio tackles two important topics What type of toothpaste is good for a toddler, What fluoride does, and where it has its place in oral health...if at all Be sure to tune in every week, and leave a comment below letting us know what you thought of the

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Carrie Ibbetson RDH – My Why | Podcast #1

Today I start a new radio show, Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life Radio! I've been told for years, "the way you put passion to oral health, you should write a book".....no I really shouldn't, my writing style is far too long winded, and I hate when my editor (and bff) chops my beautifully passionate 700 word

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Alternative Listerine Uses

Are you aware of Listerine’s long and rather complicated history? The history of Listerine® is quite fascinating, chronicling the shifts in which a product takes along its way to becoming famous. I’ll say this right now as a hygienist, I hate Listerine as a mouth rinse, and never recommend it for patients to use as

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