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Get ready to start the holidays without worrying about cavities as much! Many moms I speak to dread this time of year because of the sugary infestation that creeps into homes this time of year! As an Oral Health Coach, I can’t stress enough how important the right tools and brushes are. With the holidays

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How to Have a Healthy Mouth Without Flossing Your Teeth

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are that you have heard that brushing AND flossing are necessary for having a healthy mouth And, although it is recommended by most dental professionals and the media, I'm happy to say that there are plenty of people that disagree about flossing's  effectiveness, AND these people

With Your Home Care, Does Your Dental Professional Engage You or Shame You?

As a dental practitioner, you are taught to focus on preventive health. As your relationships with patients develop, they often become more like friendships, bonds that becomes so comfortable that patients begin to share secrets, family vacations, and recipes with you. Over time, your role tends to become part oral healthcare provider, part therapist, and

With So Many Choices, Which Electric ToothBrush Is the Best Choice for You?

I am often amazed at the oral health care isle in the store….and when I say amazed, I really mean overwhelmed! TV commercials aren’t really much help either, because each commercial makes it out to seem as if their product is the best.  So really who is telling the truth, and who is a big

Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator Giveaway

Just in time for the holidays we are happy to announce the giveaway this time is for a HydroFloss oral irrigator.  Now, I’m not sure how excited about irrigation you are, but as a hygienist, of the patients I see, the ones that are the healthiest are usually using irrigation at home in between cleanings.

HydroFloss and Healthy Gums Go Hand In Hand

Have you ever wished there was one simple tool that effectively, easily and best of all quickly helped to clean the area that is most affected with gum disease?  Many people think that tooth brushing (and flossing) is the key to a healthy mouth, but the words tooth brushing may give you an indication of

How to Clean Braces with the Hydrofloss

Perhaps your dentist or someone you know has recommended that you use Hydrofloss for braces? If you are like many others, you’re probably wondering why you can’t just use any random irrigator. After all, don’t they all basically do the same thing? Well, not quite! Hydrofloss for braces is recommended because it truly is different

The Sulcabrush: An Effective Tool to Stop Bleeding Gums

So many people find the task of taking care of their mouths daunting.  It’s no wonder seeing that every time they visit the dentist they are often shamed into doing what their Dental Hygienist or Dentist recommends as the “correct method”.   Brush for 2 minutes twice a day, floss daily making sure that you are