What Kind of Toothpaste Is Best For A Toddler? | Podcast #2

  This week Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Radio tackles two important topics What type of toothpaste is good for a toddler, What fluoride does, and where it has its place in oral health...if at all Be sure to tune in every week, and leave a comment below letting us know what you thought of the

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Halloween Candy: A Tooth’s Worst Nightmare!

What kid doesn’t love to stuff his face with every halloween candy he can possibly imagine?  On Halloween night, he enters the veritable buffet of candy and treats.  While he may be satisfying his sweet tooth and perhaps overdoing to the point of utter gastronomical distress, he actual teeth may be undergoing their own distress. 

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Dr. John’s Cavity Fighting Herbal Lollipops

With Easter almost upon us Carrie talks about the revolutionary Dr. John's Cavity Fighting Herbal Lollipops. Kids will get plenty of cavity causing candy this weekend, but if parents use the pleasant sweet citrus orange flavor of Dr. John's Herbal Cavity-Fighting Lollipops we can actually help fight cavities.   Video Transcript Hi, this is Carrie

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Oral Health Coaching with Rumi at Belly Sprout (Part 2) [Video]

Rumi, little one #2 of Christy Funk from Belly Sprout shows us up close and personal what his mouth looks like, and Mayu makes a few impromptu cameo’s as well. Knowing not only what products to use, but how to use them is the key to keeping kids’ cavity free for a lifetime. Here we

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Kids Oral Health Coaching with Mayu from Belly Sprout [video]

Honestly, I have so much fun engaging kids in the health of their mouths.  If we focus on easy to do fun steps for kids we can do away with most of the frustration that both parents and children have. The key is to make it possible to see the hidden issues like plaque and

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Vita-Myr Children’s Toothpaste

Being the mom of a 2.5 yr old and spending time with more and more families, I find myself always on the search for “the perfect toothpaste” for kids.  I am happy to say that I have found one that is not only accepted widely by kids, but also has amazing ingredients as well. “It

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Toddler Tooth Brushing Made Easy!

Many parents often feel frustrated when it comes to their children and teeth cleaning. If you are feeling this way, sometimes it's good to know that you are not alone. Still, we all know that the job needs to be done, so if you find that you may be feeling the frustrations that I am

Teach Me How To Brushy

  What a brilliant idea to take a mainstream song and revamp it into a routine that could easily have kids brushing for a long enough time to make an effective difference!  The tempo is perfect for developing good stroke technique as well, and in between the teeth cleaning is touched upon. Part of the

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Cavity Fighting Lollipops – Could It Be True?!

We’ve been talking about xylitol and how it helps to prevent decay and dry mouth lately, so I thought it would be fitting to add in a breakthrough product that not only helps to prevent decay, but these lollipops actually FIGHT decay! Dr. John's Herbal Lollipops combine great tasting, orange-flavored sugar free candy formula with

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