Christie Lincoln, RDH – Dental Hygienists vs Oral Health Coaches | Podcast #13

On this podcast episode, I talk with Christie Lincoln, RDH about the different types of hygienists you may find in everyday offices, and things you can use to tell if a dental office is one that you want to invest in.  We piggyback on last week’s episode where Cindy Johnson and I talk about interviewing

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Michelle Strange, RDH Talks Gum Brushing Vs Flossing and Career Changes for Hygienists | Podcast #9

Since 1956, the Swedish company, Tepe, has been creating home care tools for your mouth, focusing on the most challenging areas. What started out as a toothpick has led to over 20 different brushes styled to meet your needs and clean where the typical toothbrush misses. When toothbrushes and tools miss area, cavities

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Oral Health Products in the Office: To “Sell” or Not to “Sell”?

In dentistry, there is a definite division in thought toward distributing oral health products in the office: those who embrace "selling" in office, and those that shudder at the mere thought of recommending products to the patients they see. Oral health products are big business According to, from 2011 alone, billions of dollars were

5 Ways to Get Patients on Board with Home Care and Oral Health

With the oral-systemic health link now well recognized, this is the time to help patients understand what they need to do to control bacteria at home. Unless patients understand the "how to" portion of their home care, our efforts will continue to show limited results, and periodontal issues will still be a barrier to overall

Could Food Allergies be Causing Cavities and Bleeding Gums?

So you’ve found that no matter how well you brush and or floss your teeth, you still seem to have the same issues when you visit the dentist…cavities and or bleeding gums.  To make matters worse, you get the snarky look from your dental provider who tells you all of the things that you are

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3 Ways to Control Bad Breath with Tooth and Gums Tonic

Have you ever been talking to someone and afterwards realized that your breath might have had that not so fresh feeling or smell?  Worse yet, have you ever been speaking to someone and you actually had to pull away or reposition your head so that you were at least out of direct line for the

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So, What Does An Oral Health Coach Do?

Oral Health Coach I get asked this question a lot… and I mean A LOT!  Why?  Because oral health coaches are few and far between.  But what exactly does an Oral Health Coach do, and more importantly, why? Oral Health Coaching is about taking the skills that someone has learned as a dental

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How Your Oral Health Affects Your Total Health

Let’s face it, on the surface oral health can seem like a bit of a boring topic, however, in reality it can be one of the most important aspects of a daily routine.  Current trends (yea for current trends) have (finally) confirmed that oral health is the gateway to overall health.  Yet most of the

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7 Secrets about Oral Health Your Dentist Won’t Tell You

First My Secret Here’s my confession, I am a dental hygienist who has figured out a way to help people achieve amazing oral health daily at home, and I promise, it has nothing to do with flossing.  If you like to floss, go for it, but the reality is that many of the people that

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Do I Need Deep Cleanings?

Have you been told that you need deep cleanings?  We’ve been getting a lot of calls recently about clients that have been told they need “deep cleanings”.  While deep cleanings CAN be effective, if you don’t know how to take care of your mouth you will need them again in the future!  Instead, what I

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Whiten Your Teeth At Home! Spring Clean Your Oral Heath with Natural Gumption

Spring is just around the corner, which means that many of us will start the preverbal “Spring Cleaning” of our homes and lives. Seems like a good time to start by working on the health of your teeth and gums now so that when spring hits, you’re not feeling overwhelmed by all of the things

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6 Important Steps in Caring For the Oral Health of Adults as They Age

It’s quite interesting to see patients mouths throughout the years when things like arthritis settle in, dexterity decreases or heaven forbid a stroke renders them unable to do what used to be the everyday mundane.  Once was what a somewhat simple task becomes quite difficult, and even impossible to do by themselves. For families and

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With So Many Choices, Which Electric ToothBrush Is the Best Choice for You?

I am often amazed at the oral health care isle in the store….and when I say amazed, I really mean overwhelmed! TV commercials aren’t really much help either, because each commercial makes it out to seem as if their product is the best.  So really who is telling the truth, and who is a big

Treating Dry Mouth in 5 Easy Steps

Suffering with dry mouth can be one of the most annoying and painful experiences.  Not only are you often not producing enough saliva to keep your mouth moisturized, the likelihood of decay and periodontal disease skyrockets depending on the severity of the situation.  Fortunately there are ways to treat the symptoms of dry mouth. Avoid

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