What Kind of Toothpaste Is Best For A Toddler? | Podcast #2

  This week Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Radio tackles two important topics What type of toothpaste is good for a toddler, What fluoride does, and where it has its place in oral health...if at all Be sure to tune in every week, and leave a comment below letting us know what you thought of the

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Ingredients in Toothpaste: What to Avoid

"You will brush your teeth 1,000 times per year or more, and each time you do, you will ingest some toothpaste. If you think that is not a problem, think again.  Some of the ingredients in many commercial types of toothpaste are undeniably bad for you."  Dr. Harold Katz, DDS, Founder of the California Breath

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Tooth and Gums Paste Video Review

All the same ingredients of Tooth and Gums Tonic, but in a paste form.  This super concentrated paste will keep your mouth clean and fresh for hours at a time.  Use it to brush your teeth and gums, and instead of spitting the paste out, add water to your mouth and rinse for an added

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The Thinking Behind Paleo Toothpaste

As the Paleo Diet recruits more followers and outputs healthier, happier people, it’s not a stretch that many have begun to apply those principals to the products we use in and around our mouths; namely toothpaste. Paleo Toothpaste derives its ideas directly from the principals in the Paleo diet. The paleo diet encourages unprocessed foods,

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Why Use Tooth and Gums Paste?

If you are tossing around the idea of switching to natural dental products, Tooth and Gums Paste is an exceptional choice. Many people are just now learning what others have known for many years; commercial products can be dangerous. Consumers have trusted big name brands for decades but as more research is released and studies

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The Benefits of Using a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Toothpaste

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate has been held responsible for a number of oral conditions, including canker sores and bad breath. The harshness of this detergent can aggravate existing oral problems, and often cause new ones. Read on to discover why you should consider using a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free toothpaste. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Canker Sores

Tooth and Gums Paste – A Truly Natural Toothpaste

Tooth and Gums Paste If you want to take your homecare to the next level, then Tooth and Gums Paste is an excellent way to go.  The Paste contains essential oils that have been used for centuries to maintain healthy tissue.  Alcohol free, non-staining and long term anti-microbial effectiveness makes this one of

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