Tooth and Gums Paste

Tooth and Gums Paste

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Tooth and Gums Paste is a professional strength formula that is truly natural. It is specially created to not only clean the teeth and gums, but to also reduce oral bacteria, which will naturally give you fresher breath. All this adds up to a healthier mouth.

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Many people do not give much thought to the product they use to brush their teeth, but then they come to a point in their life when they realize just how important it really is. If you are someone who has always purchased the same product as far back as you can remember simply because it is what you used as a child then you need to evaluate why you are so loyal. If you generally just buy whatever is on sale, then you should know your thrifty shopping could be compromising the health of your mouth. Tooth and Gums Paste by the Dental Herb Company is the product that many people are switching to for a very long list of reasons.

Benefits of Tooth and Gums Paste

  • Herbs Used are Organically Grown – This means that there is no concern of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
  • Free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Years ago, most people were not familiar with the dangers associated with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). After all, it is found in a ton of products, so it must be safe, right? Wrong! This chemical lathering agent has caused quite a stir in recent years. It has been found to modify skin structure, cause painful canker sores and irritate the skin around the mouth. If this isn’t alarming enough, as these chemicals wash down the drain, they affect water quality, marine life and wildlife.
  • Contains Green Tea Extract – By now, nearly everyone is familiar with all the fantastic health benefits that green tea has to offer. What most don’t know though is that a quality green tea extract is incredibly good for your mouth. It reduces the pathogenicity of periodontopathic bacteria. What this means is that pathogens that are generally responsible for  forming diseases around the teeth are not able to freely to do so. It may not stop them completely, but it certainly reduces their ability.
  • Effective Against Bad Breath – If you have bad breath (halitosis), then you know that your average toothpaste does nothing to help the condition. Tooth and Gums Paste from the Dental Herb Company is different. It contains pure essential oils, which are far more effective at fighting halitosis than other commercial toothpastes.
  • Long-lasting – There is no need to pile a large blob on your toothbrush. These natural products are in a much purer form, so a little goes a long way. A 4oz tube typically lasts one person for two months, with daily use. This is value!

What is Tooth and Gums Paste?

Tooth and Gums Paste is a professional strength formula that is truly natural. It is specially created to not only clean the teeth and gums, but to also reduce oral bacteria, which will naturally give you fresher breath. All this adds up to a healthier mouth.

Alcohol-free extracts taken from organically grown herbs work synergistically with pure essential oils to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.


Why Choose Tooth and Gums Paste?

Dental Herb’s Tooth and Gums Paste is made with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Every single ingredient in it is there to do a specific job. You do not need foaming agents or other harsh chemicals that can compromise your health; you need a special formula that has been designed to work.

This natural toothpaste has beneficial ingredients that are good for you, such as green tea extract, Echinacea, eucalyptus and cinnamon bark.

Since there are not any chemicals, you won’t feel like you have to keep rinsing your mouth over-and-over to get rid of the residue. A quick rinse, and your mouth will feel clean and refreshing.

Who Would Benefit From Tooth and Gums Paste?

  • Bad Breath Sufferers – Since Tooth and Gums Paste is formulated with a thoughtful blend of pure essential oils, it is far more effective at fighting bad breath than commercial products.
  • Vegetarians – Tooth and Gums Paste is made with vegetable glycerin, so it is ideal for people who avoid animal-derived products.
  • Canker Sore Sufferers – If you deal with painful canker sores, then this is a product you want to try. Your commercial brand could actually be causing your suffering due to the SLS in it.
  • People with Dermatitis – Once again, SLS is to blame for irritation around the mouth. If you have dermatitis or sensitive skin, a product without this foaming agent, such as this one is strongly recommended.
  • Environmentalists – Commercial toothpaste contains chemicals that are harmful to fresh water supplies, marine life, birds and other wildlife. Since Tooth and Gums Paste contains only natural ingredients, this is a product you can feel good about using.
  • Anyone Over 6 Years Old – You do not need to have a special condition or requirement to use this product. This formula is designed for everyday use to meet the needs of anyone over 6 years old.


Directions for Use

Tooth and Gums Paste is an easy and rewarding dental care product to use.

  • Brush teeth using a small amount on a toothbrush. It is recommended to use twice daily, unless otherwise instructed by a dental professional.
  • Before spitting out, add a small amount of water to your mouth, and swish around vigorously. This will really activate the ingredients, and enhance the breath-freshening benefits it offers. You may choose to gargle, if desired, but do not swallow.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  • Use warm or hot water to rinse your toothbrush well when you are done.

Ingredients of Tooth and Gums Paste

Calcium carbonate, Deionized Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Titanium Dioxide, Soduim Carrageenan, aolin, Gum Cellulose, Extracts of Echinacea Angustofolia, Echinacea Purpurea, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Pure Essential Oils of Peppermint, Red Thyme, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Globulus and Lavendar, Pure Plant Saponins.

Tooth and Gums Paste


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