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  • Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola has a long history of medicinal use across much of Asia, and is widely recognized as beneficial in the world of modern medicine. People have used it for everything from a cure to leprosy to a key to living a longer life, and its huge variety of traditional uses speak volumes for its effectiveness.

Gotu Kola Extract Fights Viruses and Bacteria

gotu kola extract

gotu kola extract

Scientists are still exploring the many uses of Gotu Kola, including its possibilities as an anxiety reliever and as a cancer-fighting agent. It is already proven to fight viruses and bacteria. Because of this, Gotu Kola can be useful in fighting bad breath, preventing oral diseases, and killing viruses before they can get into your system.

It’s particularly promising against gum disease, due to its anti-inflammatory factors and proven ability to speed up wound healing. In addition to killing the germs that are causing the disease, it can treat the discomfort of swollen gums, and help rapidly heal cuts from flossing or brushing to bring your mouth to a healthy state once again.

Gotu Kola’s side effects are usually slight and generally only happen when people consume large amounts of it. However, some people may have allergic reactions, and it can cause dizziness and upset stomach when swallowed, so it is wise to be careful around machinery and vehicles when first taking Gotu Kola. It is not recommended for children or anyone suffering from liver problems.

Whether you take it as a supplement on its own or as part of Tooth & Gums Tonic, you’re almost certain to notice the beneficial effects to your health both immediately and over time. Trusted for centuries and proven by modern medical science, you can count on Gotu Kola Extract to deliver results.

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