Dental Hygienists vs Oral Health Coaches

  • dental hygienists vs Oral Health coaches

On this podcast episode, I talk with Christin Lincoln, RDH about the different types of hygienists you may find in every day offices, and things you can use to tell if a dental office is one that you want to invest in.  We piggy back on last week’s episode where Cindy Johnson and I talk about interviewing a health care provider to determine if they are the right fit for you and your values as a patient or employee.

We explore why oral health matters and how hygienists and oral health coaches help guide you to better overall health…not just oral health.

Christine talks about her website that is also designed for the consumer population and bacteria that triggers disease in the body, and the podcast she cohosts with a friend and fellow “momgienist”.

We discuss how someone’s bite can lead to gum disease (periodontal disease) and why it’s important to look at both gum disease and bite when it comes to having dental work performed or repaired.We talk Pankey dentistry, its benefits, and the oral systemic link.

This episode helps both the consumer and clinician alike. Listening to Christine will leave you feeling like you’ll want to find someone help you make sure your mouth is healthy for years to come.

Please visit Oral Health Coaching once you’ve heard her tell you why it’s the best investment you can make for your health!!



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About the Author:

Carrie is a dental hygienist, oral health coach and creator of Oral Health Coaching, an online course that teaches you how to care for your mouth with life long results.  Her daily “bite-size” pieces to understanding what it takes to achieve a healthy mouth make it easy to learn and implement at home. Carrie owns and operates, where she studies and recommends natural oral health care products that are effective and deliver great results.  She helps families all over the world via Skype, and works locally in person as well as an oral health coach, a personal trainer for your mouth.  She is happy to consult with anyone who may have questions. Come say hello on , Facebook and Twitter.

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