Anastasia Turchetta on staying in the game to make a difference in lives!

Coming live from Under One Roof in Chicago, Anastasia is attending to present Coffee Chat with Anastasia.

Her tag line “Take what you learn and make a difference with it” is not only the way she ends her shows, but it’s her life motto.

Not only is Anastasia, known as “America’s Dental Hygienist”, she is also a Keynote Speaker, Author, Video Blogger and the Host of Coffee Chat™

We discuss her love for Starbucks and americano’s being more pH neutral than coffee.

We talk about how to be a game changer for your patient’s lives, and get into how consumers should be seeking a health and wellness visit vs a “cleaning”.

She challenges consumers to search #cleaning and see what comes up (hint, it has nothing to do with anything in the mouth).

During this episode, we twist and turn through life, and the challenges that continue to show up, and how we as coaches use coaches to get to the next level. With that, we need to be coachable too

Grit, Gumption and Moxie are needed to be different

Towards the end of the interview she asks for 2 things:

  1. Consumers, be open to asking questions – and realize that the power of health is in your hands!
  2. Professionals, invest in coaching and fall in love with what you want to do!

Anastasia can be found at

Anastasia’s Website

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@AnastasiaRDH on twitter