Bad Breath Cure It or Mask ItBad breath is a big topic, and Big Business!

In fact, did you know that nearly 50% of the US population alone suffers with bad breath, and half of them have chronic bad breath?  Now let’s face it, most of us use our mouths for communication, and if the odor that is coming from there is offensive, people are paying more attention to how you smell vs. what you are saying… me, they’ve confessed it to me hundreds of times.

Just last week I was speaking to Jane, a woman who was calling not for herself, but for her ex-boyfriend…only ex because she could no longer stand his breath, and she was at the point that she could no longer kiss him, or be intimate because it was all that she thought of.  To make matters worse he was a doctor and saw patients all day long!

Most mouth rinses only remove the top layer of bacteria on the tongue; the back of the tongue collects fats and oils that we eat (I know yummy, but I’m here to keep it real) and combine with bacteria.  This is where many people have the most offensive odor.

So what to do and what to use for fresh breath you ask?  Try this out, and see how it works for you!

  1. Use an antiseptic mouth rinse that contains herbs and essential oils to kill bad bacteria and help good bacteria thrive.  Avoid alcohol and chemicals you cannot pronounce.  Tooth and Gums Tonic®  is known for doing just this.  To learn more about Tooth and Gums, click here.
  2. Gargle to get to the back of the tongue and throat.  Mouth rinses unless gargled completely miss the back of the throat and tongue.
  3. Tongue brushing is a must.  Yes, you will gag, and yes you will get over it.  Work your way to the back of the tongue over time, you will build up tolerance.  Until you can master getting to the back of the tongue, make sure to gargle at least 2x’s a day.
  4. Start your brushing routine on the inside of the lower teeth; this is the second most common area for smelly build up.

So there you have it, 4 easy steps that will help you get to fresh breath without having to figure out what products work and why.

Tooth and Gums Tonic was designed by a dentist who wanted to make a difference for his patients, and in order to do that he received an advanced degree in therapeutic herbology and spent years studying and fine tuning the formula.  The result is a product line that works better than anything you will find on the store shelves, and delivers Truly Natural results®!

What has made the biggest difference to the health of your mouth?  Leave us a comment and let us know what’s working!