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What’s up guys? It’s Carrie with oralhealthcoaching.com, and carrieibbetson.com. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m a dental hygienist by trade, an oral health coach by passion, and I make online videos and create online courses that help you get better results with the efforts, and the tools, and the products that you use in your mouth.

The Burst Brush

Today I want to talk about the Burst brush. I get a lot of questions about is the Burst brush something that you should invest in? Because the price is so low people automatically wanna think that it’s cheap. Totally not the truth. The Burst brush is one of my favorite brushes, and you can go over to my YouTube channel and see my full burst toothbrush review about the brush itself, and why I love the bristles, ’cause that’s really what sets this brush apart is the bristles and the way that it works in your mouth.

The Burst Brush has The Features You Want

One of the things that it doesn’t have is all of the extra bells and whistles. It’s gonna have the two-minute timer, it’s got three modes, as far as a whitening mode, a massage mode, and a regular-powered mode. It’s got all of those features that you really want, but it doesn’t have a sanitizer. People often ask me if a sanitizer is really important.

There was one point in time when I thought the UV-light sanitizer was really important until I realized that it actually doesn’t kill the bacteria that cause cavities and all of those issues. Some of the fecal viruses and things like that, that you hear on MythBusters, and the reason that you should close your toilet seat and all of that stuff, your sanitizers will clean that, but it won’t kill the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease, the ones that are transmittable from person to person. I am a huge fan of using either vinegar or essential oils, you can use diluted bleach, you can use peroxide, there are all sorts of things that you can do, but it’s really important that you actually disinfect your toothbrush head every day.

Does Your Electric Toothbrush Need a Sanitizer?

One of the things that I love about the Burst is that it doesn’t come with a sanitizer, because those things are often expensive, but they don’t give you the results that you hope for. So, great value, make sure you head over to https://www.carrieibbetson.com/burst, or https://www.carrieibbetson.com/rosegold, to get the best pricing that you can on these brushes. There’s a lifetime warranty on the brush, as long as you’re on the subscription program, and the heads are super inexpensive, and you can actually pick how often they’re shipped to you. I hope that’s helpful for you, I hope you try the Burst brush and you rave about it the same way that I do, and most of my clients do as well. Hope that’s helpful for you.

If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Leave them in the comments section below, let me know what I can do for you, and until next time thanks for being here, and we’ll see you soon. Bye.

burst tooth brush