Burst Rose Gold Toothbrush

The Burst Toothbrush Review

What’s up guys? It’s Carrie, with oralhealthcoaching.com and carrieibbetson.com. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m a dental hygienist by trade and oral health coach by passion and I make online videos that help you get better results with your mouth or a mouth that you care for.

And today, I want to talk about the Burst electric toothbrush. Now, the Burst sits in all of my videos. It’s back there, so you can already tell that it’s one of my favorite things, ’cause only my favorite things sit back there.

Burst Rose Gold Toothbrush

But this is the rose gold edition, so it’s a holiday edition. It’s a little bit different than what you get when you order the white one or the black one, which is also available. But the rose gold one, for some reason, is just flying off the shelves like nothing I’ve ever seen.

What’s different about it and what do you get? Well, the brush bristles are what’s different about this brush and set it apart from everyone else.

There are extended and tapered bristles in here that get underneath the gums and help to get in between the teeth and help with gum health and tooth health like I’ve never seen before in any other electric toothbrush.

Charcoal Infused Bristles

Also, the bristles are infused with nano-particles of charcoal, so it’s gonna help to whiten the teeth, but the nano-particle is the part that you really want to know something about, because the particle size of charcoal really matters.

Most charcoal will get your teeth white, but the expense is you’re actually doing damage if the particle size is too big. So, yes, you’ll have white teeth, but when you stop using that charcoal toothpaste or mouth rinse, what’s gonna happen is you’ll likely start to develop stain even quicker afterwards.

So, keeping your teeth white becomes hard and then your teeth can get sensitive and other stuff can happen. That’s not gonna happen when they’re nano-particles, because they’re tiny, tiny, tiny and they’re impregnated into the bristles themselves. So, you get a better brushing experience with a better brush.

Again, this is the rose gold one. So, what do you get when you get this product? It’s $89.00. That comes with free shipping to the U.S. and when you get it, it comes with the pouch that has all of the instructions in it. You can use the pouch for a ton of different things.

In Addition to the Burst Toothbrush

It has the charging base that are all in rose gold. It is got the hard travel case that has a magnet on it instead of the clip, so it’s really easy to open, although it stays closed very easily.

And it also has a special place inside there that’s gonna hold your toothbrush head in a way that your bristles aren’t gonna get damaged.

And when you order this, when you actually get a year’s supply of brush heads. So, you’re gonna get the one that gonna come with it and then you’re gonna get three more that’s shipped throughout the year every three months, so you’ll get a total of four brush heads.

For $89.00, which most electric toothbrushes that are really good quality start at between $150 and $200. $89.00, lifetime warranty on the brush, a year’s supply worth of brush heads, the best brush head I’ve seen on the market as far as an electric toothbrush is concerned. It is a game changer for so many people.

visit https://www.carrieibbetson.com/rosegold

And let’s say that you don’t want the rose gold edition. There’s the white one and the black one for $39.00, with free shipping as well. Those prices are only when you use my link below, or a link from another dental professional.

visit https://www.carrieibbetson.com/burst

So, if you’ve seen it somewhere else and they’ve talked to you about it and you have their link, feel free to use that one as well, because at the end of the day, if you’re getting better results, that’s what matters.

But my link is below as well, so if you’d like to use that one, I’d really appreciate it.

visit https://www.carrieibbetson.com/burst

I hope that helps you see why the Burst brush would be a great addition to anything that you’re already using. I am a big fan of cross-training and using different brushes throughout the week, but this is a great brush that you can use most days and get really good results for.

I hope that’s helpful for you and I hope that you get your Burst brush and you love what it’s doing for you. Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can leave those in the comment section below.

Grab your link below. Grab your Burst brush and watch your teeth and gums get healthier than you’ve seen most things be able to do for you.

Thanks for being here and until next time, I’ll see you soon. Bye. …

Burst Rose Gold Toothbrush