Bleeding Gums

With Your Home Care, Does Your Dental Professional Engage You or Shame You?

As a dental practitioner, you are taught to focus on preventive health. As your relationships with patients develop, they often become more like friendships, bonds that becomes so comfortable that patients begin to share secrets, family vacations, and recipes with you. Over time, your role tends to become part oral healthcare provider, part therapist, and

Could Food Allergies be Causing Cavities and Bleeding Gums?

So you’ve found that no matter how well you brush and or floss your teeth, you still seem to have the same issues when you visit the dentist…cavities and or bleeding gums.  To make matters worse, you get the snarky look from your dental provider who tells you all of the things that you are

Can Periogen and Water Flossing Stop Gum Disease and Bleeding Gums?

We all know the recommended saying.  Brush, floss and visit your dental office twice a year.  But what is so important about that twice yearly appointment, and what are they trying to do while you are there? There are key factors to a dental exam For starters, your appointment should include an exam, and

Periogen, Probably the Coolest Mouth Rinse on the Planet

You know the saying, 'necessity is the mother of invention' and in this circumstance I must say that I agree.  I had the pleasure of speaking with the Periogen creator last week, and although I knew it was a great product, it was that day that I realized just how great it was, and how

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Start the New Year with a Natural Remedy for Bleeding Gums

You are right to look for a natural remedy for bleeding gums. Chemicals can sometimes do the trick but they can have nasty after effects or be so new that studies can’t predict the effects of long-term exposure. There are many natural ways to combat your mouths bacteria problem but the best way is

Bleeding Gums and Diabetes from a Dental Hygienists’ Perspective

Bleeding Gums and Diabetes Diabetes is characterized by the bodies’ inability to process the sugar in the body.  To discuss all of the issues and risk factors associated with this disease is a task that I am not embarking on at the moment.  I have, however, found a site that seems to give