#27 – Anastasia Turchetta – Take What You Learn and Make A Difference With It

Anastasia Turchetta on staying in the game to make a difference in lives! Coming live from Under One Roof in Chicago, Anastasia is attending to present Coffee Chat with Anastasia. Her tag line “Take what you learn and make a difference with it” is not only the way she ends her shows, but

#26 – Gary Takacs – The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dentist

with Gary Takacs from The Thriving Dentist Podcast Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Voices of Dentistry Podcasting Summit and was delighted to sit down and spend some time with the one and only Gary Takacs. Gary is a seasoned podcaster, consultant, educator, and all around great guy! To date, he


#25 – Ed Harrold – Breathing Techniques For Anti Stress and Anti Aging

I had the pleasure of an in-person interview with Ed Harrold at the Inaugural FACE Conference in Washington DC this year. FACE is an organization that helps bring healthcare providers together and teaches the screening of airway disorders, and Ed was there to motivate the group and teach us how to better take care


How Mouthwatch Is Helping You Reach (Multiple) Professionals You Trust – Sometimes Even From Home!

In 2012, I created my Oral Health Coaching program and longed for an in the mouth camera that people had at home so that they could update their health care providers and trainers on what was happening in their mouth (or the mouths they cared for) as they navigated from disease to health.


#22 – Mouth Breathing: What This Nurse Wants You To Know

Julia Worrell is a Nurse whose personal experience has changed the way she looks at someone’s health and how it relates to what the body needs to do in order to stay healthy, pain-free and working properly. Her journey through developing an underbite as a child that led jaw surgery which led to a cascade


#21 – Success Story – How This Mom Saved Thousands at the Dentist (and Avoided General Sedation)

Dani is like most moms I speak with. Someone who cares deeply for her children’s well-being, and feeling like a failure because her child has cavities that she cannot seem to control. To make matters worse, she’s not getting any additional help from her dental office when she visits for her kids


#20 – Elijah Desmond on Success and Optimism

Elijah Desmond and I meet up at for this interview at CDA (California Dental Association) annual conference. He catches us up on current affairs, and what behind the scenes looks like for him. He’s focusing on multiple businesses, but plans to focus primarily on Smiles at Sea soon. Cancun July 7-9 Fri-Sun

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Xylitol – how it helps stop cavities – a scientific explanation! With Shirley Gutkowski

Xylitol is one of the things I talk about with anyone who will listen!  It has so many uses and misconceptions. People question the name and often confuse it with artificial sweeteners so they disregard it. But it isn’t a chemical artificial sweetener at all, it is a sugar that is found in birch


Angie Stone talks CAREERfusion and HyLife Oral Health Alliance

Today’s episode has Angie Stone with us again, but this time it’s on location at CAREERfusion 2017 in Daytona Beach, FL! I wanted to capture the moment of CAREERfusion, because as an out of the box thinking hygienist, I’ve been told for many years by many peers that “I just needed to be


Dr. Bilal Saib DDS – What is a night guard, and why do I need it?

Today I brought in my friend Dr. Bilal Saib, DDS (Pronounced Bill-Al) aka Dr. B to talk about what a “night guard” does, why a good fitting guard is so important, what to expect in the impression and placement process and what to look for in a dentist who is recommending one, when you


Jasmin Haley RDH – Investing in Yourself, Avoiding “Imposterism” and CAREERfusion.

Jasmin Haley RDH on Investing in Yourself, Avoiding “Imposterism” and CAREERfusion. Jasmin and I got the chance to sit down at CAREERfusion the first week of January. We were both first-time attendees, and at the end of the third day, we took a few moments to reflect on the experience we were in the


Dr. Jon Engel DDS – A Dentist that FOCUSES on true PREVENTION!

Dr Jon Engel DDS is not only an amazing dentist, he’s also a five time CAREERFusion attendee! Today he sits down and tells us why he comes to CAREERFusion, and what he takes back to his team and patients. Dr. Engel is unlike any dentist I’ve ever met; he cares deeply for his patients,


Is It Important To Trust Your Dentist? With Dr Jonathan M. Abenaim

Trust is a major factor in any relationship.  Have you ever experienced working with a dentist or hygienist that focuses on helping you get healthy (even if that means telling you things you may not want to hear) all while building your trust, because you can see in their eyes that they want the


Choosing The Right Dental Office with Cyndee Johnson RDH

In this episode of Healthy Mouth Healthy Life Podcast, I interview dental hygienist and mentor Cyndee Johnson on the importance of interviewing dental offices when you are choosing them both as an office to visit and an office to work with. Cyndee is the owner of Scaler2Scheduler, a mentoring company that helps dental