Let’s face it; as an oral health coach, I spend a lot of time in groups answering questions about cavities and children. The stories I hear and the pictures I see break my heart daily. It also keeps me going when I feel like giving up.

Many dental professionals will tell you that flossing, fluoride and dental visits help banish cavities, while many natural healing people will state that diet and nutrition are the keys to healing and halting them.  And while both dental visits and nutrition can be beneficial to controlling cavities, I also feel that there are bodily habits and functions that often are overlooked by both sides of the oral health world which contribute greatly to cavities.

Stacey Fletcher, RDH, BS, OMT joins me on today’s podcast and we talk about how mouth breathing, tongue ties, breastfeeding and bacteria all play a major role in the cavities in kid’s mouths, and why (don’t worry we won’t be telling you that we think breastmilk causes them).

Not only is Stacey is a dental hygienist, she also is a myofunctional therapist and is finishing her clinical hours for lactation consulting.  She’s also enrolled in a holistic lactation course as well. 

Stacey shares with us that her son’s mouth ties were what started her down the path of learning about these issues, and how that has helped shape her future thoughts on dental hygiene and cavity control/prevention in kids.

Have a listen as we explore these issues, why they contribute to cavities, and what parents can look for at home to help them determine if their child is perhaps suffering from these issues that could be contributing to the cavities their child is suffering with.

Know that if you are aware or suspect that your child is suffering from a tie, it does not necessarily mean that they are doomed to a mouthful of cavities. It may mean that you could use specific products and tools at home to control the bacteria, acids, and dryness that increase the likelihood of cavities or increase the speed at which they seem to come on. Many parents will tell you that a serious cavity started as a small dot and seemed to rapidly take over the entire tooth. 

As an oral health coach, this is the gap that I help close for you and your family.  The products and tools that you use at home matter more than you can imagine and the way you use them is equally important. 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth is an at home online program designed to give you the information that you need to create healthy smiles at home and help control the cavity epidemic we are dealing with these days. It’s packed with video’s a private FB group, and one on one sessions with me. 

Many families have used this program, and have had wonderful success controlling cavities in their mouths.  Ask yourself, are you ready to be next?

Visit www.oralhealthcoaching.com for more information and to purchase the program!


Myofunctional RDH https://www.facebook.com/myofunctionalrdh

Stacey Fletcher – fletcherstaceyd@gmail.com

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