Video Transcript for Flossing Alternatives

Hey guys, it’s Carrie with and and for those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m a Dental Hygienist by trade, and Oral Health Coach by passion and I make online videos to help you get better results with your oral health either with your mouth or mouth that you care for. So make sure you like, you subscribe, you run over to, do what you need to do. Sign up for the newsletter. Let’s make sure we keep in touch and let me know how I can help you. Today I want to talk about something that’s called Inter Dental Care, which really just means taking care of the gums and the teeth in between the teeth. That can be a little bit challenging for people and you’ve probably gone to the dentist before and they talk about flossing or you listened to media brush, floss, visit your dentist.

Floss, floss, floss, floss. Are you flossing? Can I help you floss? Can I help you get better results for flossing? People do not like to floss and most people aren’t effective, especially if you’re using those things like the little floss sticks, which can be great for convenience, but if you’re not really hugging that string around the tooth, you might be going up into the gum tissue and damaging the gums. It’s called floss cleft and it can lead to issues that actually require you to have gum surgery and things like that. Floss isn’t meant to go way up into the gums. Floss is just meant to cut a clean that space right in between the teeth with those contact, that’s where interdental brushes come in. There are so many really cool products these days and you really want to kind of know what the differences are so that you can make the best choice.

You’ll see in this picture right here, Butler GUM make some, TePe USA make some, TePe and other countries make some. There are … Curaprox is here as well, but the important thing to know is how those bristles fit in between your teeth. Next week I’m going to do a longer video for my coming clean, my journey back to a healthy mouth series, so make sure again that you subscribe to the YouTube Channel so that you can see when that comes out you’ll be able to see a longer video. But I wanted to talk to you first about the rubber bristled … Rubber bristled brushes, RBB’s. I want to talk to you about those first so that you can understand how those work and then how you can move those into the interdental brushes, which look more like a bottle cleaning brush. Those actually have bristles on them, whereas the rubber bristled brushes only have rubber or silicone on them and they’re designed to massage and push out stuff that might be in there, but they don’t really do a lot for biofilm management, but they can be a great gateway into getting used to using these things and then getting through the uncomfortableness if you have inflammation or bleeding.

They also can be a really good indicator to tell you if you have gum disease and next week I’m going to talk to you about that in that video series. So, rubber bristled brushes. One thing that you really want to make sure about is that when you’re choosing your RBB that A, it’s the right size. TePe USA makes a small medium and then a medium large, one is orange, and then one is blue. Butler Gum makes some really good ones. Those are called soft picks, but you want to look at the actual brushes and bristles themselves because now that the patent has run out on soft picks, you’re going to see a lot of off label brands making them and we’re starting to see some people who talk about using those brushes and then all of a sudden those nubs are breaking off in their gums and they’re staying in there and that’s causing irritation and infection as well.

Your body recognizes foreign objects and if those things are staying in there, it could start inflaming itself just to try and get rid of those. So no fun using a brush or a bristle and having it get stuck in there and then creating an irritation so that your body reacts to that. So you want to look at them, make sure that they are all one piece. Again, that’s why I really tend to love the TePe easy picks because they’re long, they’re bendable, they’re easy to use, and they help to tighten and toughen that gum tissue so that when you switch over to the interproximal brushes, it feels better. It can be a challenge to utilize some of these things if you have tenderness. I know that when I stopped brushing for my coming clean series, when I started brushing and I started using the interproximal brushes, it was really tender in a lot of areas and I found that if I switched over to those easy picks or the soft picks to really toughen that gum tissue up, I had much better results and now getting everything in there is really easy.

So next week we’re going to talk with Michelle Strange from TePe USA, and we’re going to talk about the sizing and how to fit those at home so that you’re using the right tools for your mouth or a mouth that you care for. So hopefully that’s helpful for you. It’s important that we take care of what we call that sacred space, which is the area that we can’t really get too with brushes. Even some of the best brushes in the world tend to miss the gums stimulation right in between the teeth and you’ll see on this diagram right here that TePe has done really shows how all the different things, whether it be toothpicks or floss, all that stuff and the brushes really helped to get into specific areas. In a perfect world, we would have a couple of different sizes of interdental brushes that we’re using. It’s just finding those right ones that are going to work for you or for a mouth that you care for.

Hopefully that’s helpful for you. If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers, leave them in the comment section below. Let me know what I can do for you. My goal is to help you get the healthiest mouth that you care, and if you’re looking for a program, head over to because that is my online program that I’ve created with all the years of dental hygienic experience and all the years of being a forward thinking in the dental profession. I’ve created a program just for you online to follow step by step so that you get really good results at home. Thanks for being here and until next time, we’ll see you soon. Bye.