In 2012, I created my Oral Health Coaching program and longed for an in the mouth camera that people had at home so that they could update their health care providers and trainers on what was happening in their mouth (or the mouths they cared for) as they navigated from disease to health.

That same year, Brant Herman, CEO of Mouthwatch had that same idea and brought to market just that tool. Mouthwatch; a home monitoring system that allowed them to share with their dentists in real time what was going on in their mouth and a recommendation on what to do to solve their problem. As a coach, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Unfortunately, dentistry and the market wasn’t quite ready for that leap as Teledentistry and Telemedicine weren’t recognized as a viable means of seeing patients. Instead of throwing in the towel they decided to pivot their business and began helping providers help their patients get better outcomes and easier provider to provider communication.

Mouthwatch formed Teledent; HIPAA compliant software that allows multiple practitioners and types of practitioners to use and share notes, photos, x-rays, etc from one provider to another…

Teledentistry is defined as collecting and collaborative data and sharing that data to multiple providers through telecommunications for the ease and effectiveness of treatment planning and management of care.

Imagine all of your important information housed in one secure place where multiple types of providers can access and share the data they need instead of you having to explain each person the same information over and over! Talk about efficiency and a breath of fresh air!!!

With Teledent and Mouthwatch people are also able to be seen much more easily in a non traditional setting (like at home or in a care facility) – this helps solve access to care for many people who are either afraid or unable to visit the dental office itself.

A few of Mouthwatch’s innovative uses are:

  • Oral Health Coaching clients
  • School projects
  • Awareness to the general public – kids and adults alike
  • Nursing homes
  • Fearful or anxious people
  • Special needs patients
  • Kids at home
  • Anyone wanting to know if what they are doing for home care is working and they are healthy or not.

The camera is a plug and play into your computer which allows you to take high quality images in the camera function of your PC or Mac. At $299, the price can’t be beat!

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