Dani is like most moms I speak with. Someone who cares deeply for her children’s well-being, and feeling like a failure because her child has cavities that she cannot seem to control.

To make matters worse, she’s not getting any additional help from her dental office when she visits for her kids twice a year cleaning and exam!

“Just brush and floss and get fluoride treatments” were what she was instructed to do…but the problem is, she was ALREADY doing that.  MULTIPLE times a day!

Multiple Cavities at Each Visit

Dani shares her story of what it was like to take her son to the dentist for many years only to be told that he had multiple cavities that needed sedation each time. Her dentist wasn’t a scam artist doing a lot of unnecessary treatment, her son legitimately had multiple cavities at each visit regardless of how much she brushed, flossed and used fluoride.

Listen in as Dani shares how we met (it wasn’t in a dental office!), and what she went through to help stop her son from getting any more cavities and needing any new dental work…not only did this work for her son, but for herself too!

It was working with Dani and her family many years ago that really helped open my eyes to the life-changing possibilities that oral health coaching can do for other people’s families! I knew what it did for mine, but working with her helped me see the grand scale of what I could help be part of.

4 Years of Health

4 years later her family is STILL healthy and going strong without any new cavities and gum issues. 4 years later, I have hundreds of families who I have helped coach into better dental visits and healthier mouths! I’m glad to know Dani is not a “supermom” – just a mom who decided to take matters into her own hands and take responsibility for the health of her children’s teeth!

When I question if all this hard work of finding people and explaining what I can do with them is worth it for me (I’m human and fall into entrepreneurial ruts), I think of life-changing stories like hers and it helps me push on.

Trust me, it would be much easier to be a hygienist in an office “cleaning teeth”, but I’ve found that oral health doesn’t happen for most people in a dental office, instead it’s through a process like our Oral Health Coaching Program where people get the help they need in small doses that allow them to make the changes they need to do in order to stop the infection process continuing over and over again.

Chances are you are already brushing, why not let me show you how to brush in a way with tools that work better and products you can use so that YOU get the results you want!

Small changes make big differences, and it’s likely you just need to be coached through a series of small changes so you get the results you are hoping for!


Dentistry is needed when prevention fails. Prevention happens at home with the products, tools and techniques that you use, yet likely haven’t been taught how to use them effectively.  After seeing thousands of mouths and helping to heal them, I’ve come to this conclusion many times, and have seem many mouths heal over the years.

Intrigued?  Book me for a complimentary – no obligation call, and let’s see what we can do together!

I’d be honored if you allowed me to help you like I’ve helped Dani and her family.

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