How to Remove Tartar at home

Tartar is the stuff that has made most dental hygienists the villain in many people’s eyes, because removing tartar is not an easy task.  And, when removed from under the gum line, chances are your gums are going to bleed, it may be uncomfortable, and it may cause your teeth to become sensitive once the tartar is removed.

Tartar is the hard stuff that builds up in your mouth and causes the dental hygienist to grab what sometimes feels like a jackhammer or a bladed saw and go to town removing it from your mouth.  It’s the stuff that has sat in the mouth for so long that it has gone from soft plaque to a petrified mass…..yes; tartar is petrified plaque and can no longer be brushed away.

Now the great thing about it being petrified, is that there are no live bacteria in tartar,

but the bad thing about tartar is that it is rough (like a coral reef) and it allows plaque to attach easily and multiply.  Plaque is where all of the harmful bacteria lives and the bacteria is what causes gums to bleed.

The standard way to remove tartar is to have a “cleaning” in the dental office which ranges anywhere from $100-$1,200 depending upon the “cleaning” that is needed….but what IF tartar could be removed at home, wouldn’t that make dental visits so much easier?

The main points about tartar and why tartar causes bleeding gums are

  • that tartar was once plaque, but it built up on the tooth and stayed there long enough to petrify.
  • it is rough which allows more bacteria (plaque) to build up unlike tooth surface which is smooth and plaque has a harder time attaching.
  • the roughness also irritates the gums causing them to become inflamed and bleed.
  • tartar attaches to the tooth and as it grows, the gum tissue pulls away from it.  This is one reason that people get gum recession or receding gums.
  • when left on the tooth, it continues to grow and the gum continues to recede away.
  • as the gums recede away, so does the bone that holds the teeth in place.

Part of the problem with tartar and removing it, is that it is a hard substance that breaks into pieces when it is being removed…..but what if there was a product that dissolved tartar over time?

Plato said it best “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and boy was he right!  People have asked for years “why can’t tartar buildup be rinsed away?”…Wouldn’t that make life so much easier?!

How to Remove Tartar at Home

Randomly, as a matter of fact there is one product that has the ability to do just that.  It is the first time this has been done, and the inventor has no ties to dentistry……except for the fact that he has teeth, and those teeth suffered with tartar build up so much that he needed gum surgery!

Chances are, you won’t hear about this in your dental office, not because it doesn’t work, but because it does.  Let’s face it, dentistry is a business, and a great one at that, but if people are successful with their own home care, the amount of dentistry needed is greatly reduced.

To learn more about Periogen’s tartar dissolving mouth rinse, click here.

So now’s the time that I ask you to share with me how you feel about tartar. What’s the one thing you learned that will help you with tartar build up in the future?  Leave a comment and let me know!