Trust is a major factor in any relationship.  Have you ever experienced working with a dentist or hygienist that focuses on helping you get healthy (even if that means telling you things you may not want to hear) all while building your trust, because you can see in their eyes that they want the absolute best for your health?

Have you ever had dental work done so that when you are finished you want to climb to the top of a mountain and shout out everyone about it (or post it to all of your social media accounts)?

Believe it or not, some people have had positive life changing experiences in a dental office. Dr. Jonathan Abenaim of Jonathan Dental Spa talks with us today about the importance of finding the right team to trust when it comes to your dental needs and oral health concerns.

In an age where we are constantly feeling rushed, it’s refreshing to hear from a health care provider that prides himself and his team member’s stance on taking the time to build trust with the patients he sees.  He shares what drives him to create a successful practice, and why he feels called to help other dentists treat people the way that he does.

If you’ve visited a dentist where you didn’t get the best vibe, or if you’ve worked in an office that you don’t love, then this podcast is for you!  As we close out this year, let’s make it a point to work with professionals we trust moving forward, and let’s identify some key factors to consider before jumping in with treatment (or a job) you’ll be disappointed in.

You deserve to have a dental provider that you feel has your best interest in mind, and that only happens when someone takes the time to get to know you, not just treat you.

And, if you’re willing to give 100% to making your patients experience an amazing one, you too deserve to work with a team like this!

Dr Jonathans’ commitment to trust and good dentistry has propelled him into writing a book about creating an amazing team…and if you’re not the dental field, it’s still full of great insight on how to follow your “true north”, and do what’s right by yourself and others.