6 Products That Help Stop Bleeding Gums, and How They Work

Choosing the right homecare products to use when you want to help stop bleeding gums is a big deal. You want to choose products that you will actually use, and ones that fit in your lifestyle. Be honest and realistic with yourself.  Don’t think that you are going to get every tool and use it

Can Periogen and Water Flossing Stop Gum Disease and Bleeding Gums?

We all know the recommended saying.  Brush, floss and visit your dental office twice a year.  But what is so important about that twice yearly appointment, and what are they trying to do while you are there? There are key factors to a dental exam For starters, your appointment should include an exam, and

Periogen, Probably the Coolest Mouth Rinse on the Planet

You know the saying, 'necessity is the mother of invention' and in this circumstance I must say that I agree.  I had the pleasure of speaking with the Periogen creator last week, and although I knew it was a great product, it was that day that I realized just how great it was, and how

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