How to use the Hydrofloss

For those of us that are not ultra regimented we tend to do something for a bit, and then it kind of tapers off, regardless of our intention. It happens to most people, and is totally normal.

You know the feeling; you get your teeth cleaned and vow to start flossing because your hygienist has you guilted into feeling it is effective, and you come on strong…for a week or so and then, wham, you realize 6 months has gone by and you are back in the chair for the same lecture.

Most people think that because I am a dental hygienist that I have this ultra strict regimen for home care and that is why my mouth is so healthy and my teeth are so white….I’ll burst the bubble and say that is the farthest thing from the truth; in fact I spend less time now than ever before and have the healthiest mouth I have ever had.

That is the whole reason I do what I do! I want nothing more than for you to feel the way that I do; instead of dreading a dental appointment, I look forward to having one just so that I can hear how healthy everything looks.

So what’s the secret you may ask? I switch up my routine and spend the same amount of time daily and use different tools. But the one I always look forward to is the Hydrofloss, and now adding Periogen tartar dissolving concentrate makes it even more effective. In fact, I credit my not needing a cleaning in 4.5 yrs. partly to it.

Yes, I have my mouth checked; oral cancer is on the rise and I want to make sure I am healthy, but as far as “cleanings” go, it was before I was pregnant, and our little guy is 3.5! Wanna see how easy irrigation is? Click here for the video; learn all about it, and how to not make a mess when using it!

How To Use The HydroFloss