Get ready to start the holidays without worrying about cavities as much! Many moms I speak to dread this time of year because of the sugary infestation that creeps into homes this time of year!

As an Oral Health Coach, I can’t stress enough how important the right tools and brushes are. With the holidays upon us, it’s imperative that you incorporate the tools that clean the nooks and crannies of the teeth and gums…(that is unless you want to start 2017 by shelling out extra $$ at the dentist)!

TePe USA Toothbrushes

TePeUSA is helping us help you! TePe USA brushes are the ones we recommend the most, and they are helping you fight the holiday cavity war with tools for us to give to you!

I’ve watched dozens of people solve their mouth issues simply by switching to these brushes and learning how to use them differently.

Now is your chance to experience the difference!


Not only are we giving away TePeUSA brushes, but we’re also giving away one 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth program!

Stop wasting time researching what products and tools to use, and let the expert teach you the tricks and tips that work!

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