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Carrie Ibbetson Oral Health Coach

Oral Health Coaching Can Save You a Lifetime of Dental Issues.

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My name is Carrie and I am a Registered Dental Hygienist and Oral Health Coach with over 20 years experience in the dental industry.

Many people ask me what Oral Health Coaching is, and why I am so passionate about it. A dental hygienist’s main focus is treatment with their professional tools. Oral health coaches help you make changes to your routine that offer the biggest benefits and help keep your mouth healthy in between dental visits.

Oral health coaches act as a personal trainer for you and your mouth. In the gym, a personal trainer watches how you do something, and then helps you learn a way to do the same move more effectively. They don’t do a squat for you but instead teach you how to do a squat correctly so that you don’t injure yourself and so you’ll get maximum results. We also help you feel inspired and motivated, instead of ashamed and irritated.

Carrie Ibbetson

Would you believe me if I told you that the health of your mouth and gums directly affects nearly EVERY chronic inflammatory disease that plagues the human body, and is bankrupting the USA, yet is 100% preventable? The list of diseases is long (see my blog) and scary and REAL, but the good news is that something as simple as changing your routine can change your health.

I urge you to subscribe to the newsletter and get ready to embark on a journey that is going to help your overall health in a way that few people are addressing, yet one that has one of the biggest return on investment imaginable.

With Love and Gumption

Carrie ~ Your Oral Health Coach

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Dani was just like you for many years. She continually needed expensive dental treatment, and her oldest child suffered with continually having cavities. The entire family hated and feared going to the dentist.

Dani has been able to control the infections not only in her mouth, but in her children’s as well. No longer does she fear her child being strapped down or needing to be sedated for treatment.

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