Hey, guys. It’s Carrie with oralhealthcoaching.com and carrieibbetson.com. I am so excited that school is back on track because that means, instead of being summer mom, I am now back to oral health coaching.

I want to talk to you today about five things that you can do to really help control pH in your kids’ mouth during the day. Especially if they have cavities or if there’s things that they’re watching, or if, for some reason, you’re concerned about your kids getting cavities.

So, top five things. Number one, you want to pH neutralize with the foods that they eat throughout the day. Encourage them to be less snackers and more clumping those meals together because every time you put food in the mouth, it changes the pH. A lot of times that leads to extra acidity.

So anytime you can look at the foods that you’re eating and end with foods that are more alkalizing, you’re going to get much better results. Some of those things are nuts, cheese cucumbers, the more tart apples, berries, cruciferous vegetables. Things like that are really going to help get that meal to a place where you’re leaving less alkaline than acidity.

Then you want to talk about easy to dissolve xylitol candies that you can use in you’re kids’ lunch box. They’re are a ton of schools that have a no gum and no candy rule but really it’s for the gum. So if you can get them xylitol candies in their lunch box. First they’re going to end with that alkalizing food and then they’re going to get some easy to dissolve xylitol candies. Spry Gems are some of them. Zellies. There are some great products out there but you want to look for the mints instead of the gum.

Then with you’re kids’ water bottles during the day. Hopefully, they’re not drinking juice or anything like that. If, for some reason, they are, try and get as much water in as possible. With that water, what you want to do is you want to teach them to swish and swallow.

A lot of kids don’t pay attention to the fact that when they are thinking and not paying attention or really paying attention to something, their mouth begins to open. If their mouth opens you have the opportunity to dry out that thin saliva and it leaves behind the thick saliva and that’s not the stuff that you want because that’s what holds on to acids and to bacteria. So teach them to really swish. Get that water and then go ahead and swallow it.

Then you want to test the water that is also in the bottles as well. A lot of people don’t realize that their water can be acidic. So imagine if you’re drinking that all day long thinking that you’re putting something good into the body. If it’s acidic it could be doing just the exact opposite.

Then number five, the last thing that you want to do. There is a company called Loloz, L-O-L-O-Z. Those candies don’t contain xylitol. They don’t contain a lot of the other products and sweeteners that people get concerned about. So what they do, do is they help to kill off that cavity causing bacteria for three months.

They’re super easy to use. They have them in lollipops or in discs. On your kids ride to school, give them a Loloz if it’s the first 10 days. The way that you use these is kind of unique. You have two a day for 10 days and you use that once every three months.

so we’re coming up on Autumn if you’re seeing this at a different time, try and pick a beginning of the season or just kind of know where you are. They get two a day for 10 days. Then they don’t have them for the next three months. So you go through that cycle.

So there’s your top five things that you can do to really help control cavity frustrations that you might be experiencing during that school year.

If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Leave them in the comment section below. Let me know what I can do for you. There’s a lot of stuff that happens with healing cavities and getting healthy mouths. Some of it is just taking a lot of these pieces together and making it user friendly for you. That’s what I’m here for. Until next time, thanks for being here and we’ll see you soon.