America's Dental HygienistIt’s great to know that there is a movement in dentistry to make a true difference in lives.  Recently, while in Boston for the Yankee Dental Congress 2014 I had a chance to meet with Anastasia Turchetta “America’s Dental Hygienist” and discuss what changes we aim to be part of  for oral health in the US.

Her focus is similar to mine in that  she aims to get consumers and professionals alike to understand that oral health is paramount to overall health; like me, she talks about subjects that are often difficult to open up about but paramount to understand in regards to overall health.

Her motto “take what you learn and make a difference with it” pushes us to continue bringing Oral Health Coaching to the public.

Today she highlights Carrie Ibbetson and its signature online oral health coaching program 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth as a way to make a difference in mouths worldwide.

We love Anastasia’s Hump Day Happenings and look forward to many years of making a difference together for both the public and dental world alike.