Today’s episode has Angie Stone with us again, but this time it’s on location at CAREERfusion 2017 in Daytona Beach, FL!

I wanted to capture the moment of CAREERfusion, because as an out of the box thinking hygienist, I’ve been told for many years by many peers that “I just needed to be there”. It took me years to, and thanks to the DebbieZ Pay It Forward Fund, I was chosen this year as a scholarship recipient!

Angie and I spend time talking about what has helped her outside of the box career, where HyLife Oral Health Alliance is going, and what prompted her to write “Dying From Dirty Teeth” (Amazon Best Seller).

She believes CAREERfusion is unique because nowhere else will you find the people who have the ability to help move you in the direction you that you are built for. It also can propel your career in ways you’d never imagine. It’s like a specialized tribe for dental hygienists!

We get into the importance of pivoting when needed and investing in yourself

We give shout outs to:

Career Fusion – Angie’s message to hygienists thinking about it is “Do It”

Shirley Gutkowski and Primal Air

Under One Roof

DebbieZ and the National Cancer Network

Angie gives us the update on HyLife Oral Health Alliance (HOHA)

and explains how hygienists can get involved with her company and mission. As a HyLife Oral Care Specialist, hygienists can see residents for brushing and in between the teeth cleaning (this is not dental hygiene)

With hygienists acting as caregivers and the care team administering xylitol not only is oral health improved, but life span and quality of life can be greatly enhanced! 30% of pneumonia is aspiration pneumonia. When mouth bacteria build up, it can be inhaled during coughing and choking.  When that bacteria hits the lungs, we’ve got issues!

Having an Oral Care Specialist on your team helps increase the value of life, impact the quality of life and enhance the client experience! Do it for the resident, the resident’s family, and the care team!

Angie appeared in a previous podcast all about xylitol – listen here

Angie would love it if you:

Liked the HyLife Oral Health Alliance Facebook page

To learn more about HOHA, or to get involved as a hygienist, click here