Read Some of the Testimonials Given by Our Customers

I discovered Hydro Floss at a very interesting time in my life: I was pregnant, and I had braces too. Hot, I know! You may not know that pregnancy can cause a myriad of oral health challenges, sensitive gums being just one of them. I complained to my dental hygienist that the taste of my ordinarily healthy mouth chemistry was making me sick to my stomach each day, and I had to do something. And the braces! Well, they are just a cleaning nightmare on their own – weaving floss under each wire and between each bracket – ugh! I have a busy career and didn’t have 20 minutes to floss my teeth each day! So my wonderful hygienist recommended I start using Hydro Floss. I was literally hooked the first day I used it. Because it gently rinses away the bacteria in my mouth, I was no longer disgusted by my own mouth chemistry. Plus, it was gentle on my sensitive pregnancy gums, since I could control the strength of the water flow and didn’t use any harsh chemicals like some oral rinses contain.Even after I gave birth, I’ve continued to use my Hydro Floss daily, making my oral health easier to maintain during these last months of my braces. And it doesn’t take 20 minutes to floss each day, which was great for me as a working mom with a hectic schedule. I know it’s working well too – the staff at my orthodontist’s office tell me what great care I take of my mouth. Sweet!

Laurel J, Calabasses, CA

My family and I spent yesterday afternoon with Carrie of Natural Gumption. It was the most educational, eye opening and pleasurable tooth and gum experience for all of us! With the little faith I have in many of the dentists and dentistry practices, Carrie has given me hope. She has taken a rode never traveled by a Dental Hygenist. She drove from San Juan Capistrano to Alta Loma @ 65 miles, for an Oral Health Coaching session. It was by far the best oral health decision I have ever made. Carrie has the knowledge and right advice for any questions or issues. She also provides all the best products needed for everyday use and shows you exactly how they are intended to be used. What a difference that makes! Like Natural Gumption’s FB page or go to the website and see the wealth of information she cordially and graciously shares.

Robin C, CA

Hi, this is to thank you for the very rapid dispatch of my tooth & gums paste, which amazingly arrived today! I have for about 5 years bought this from my dentist here in England, but he now no longer sells it. I shall order more from you soon, Many thanks for your EXCELLENT service!

Peter. Peter B, UK

Hello Natural Gumption. I love my new Dr. Johns Simply Xylitol licorice flavored hard candies! They have a great flavor, that’s not too strong. It curbs my cravings for sweets while helping me with my oral hygiene. How cool! One problem~ I might tear through this bag with a swiftness. My friends are helping too, haha!

Leah W, Aliso Viejo, CA

Thank you for schoolin’ me on my oral care! I’m only over 24 hours after seeing you and already feel a drastic difference. I love love love how my teeth feel smooth like I just had a cleaning! I’ve been running my tongue across them all day :). Just used both the rotadent and the hydro floss tonight too. Thanks for filling my brain with useful knowledge and not making me feel the slightest bit judged by my less than stellar oral care!!! Oh and I really like the flavor of the tooth and gums products!!

Katherine R, San Diego, CA

I have HMO dental insurance and they try to make me do all sorts of extra crap that falls out of my covered items! That’s why I went to Carrie. I’d rather get an honest professional opinion with a game plan and pay you any day.

You give me real, streamlined, normal human being language explanations. They gave me a bunch of jibber jabber that made no sense, cost a small fortune and said it might not even work. And you taught me how to use the tools I purchased and I understood why to use the tools and the benefits of them. Much better use of my time and money and I felt and saw results from you as where I feel like the main results I would have seen from them was a hit to my bank account with zero additional knowledge and a bunch of chemicals!

Katherine M

I have just been using my Hydrofloss for a week and so far love it. I have been a Waterpik user for many years and was urged gently by Carrie to switch to the Hydrofloss. It feels so much better and at the highest speed still feels very gentle. Don’t know yet long range but I have very high hopes. As an aside dealing with Carrie has been nothing but a delight. She is professional, knowledgable and most of all, caring. She has spent a lot of time with me on the phone and is genuinely concerned for my well being. She is a true treasure.

Sydney M

I feel fortunate to have found Natural Gumption and the astute assistance of Carrie Ibbetson. I became interested in the tooth and gum tonic as well as the paste and xylitol products when I realized that I was in trouble with swollen and reddened gums and nothing I tried worked. I called the customer service number and Carrie who has had 20 years of experience in dental hygeine took time to discuss the products and in what ways they could be of assistance.

I was so grateful to find this person who understood and took time to listen to my needs. I feel Carrie is a true coach, dedicated to helping people like me who have sought alternatives like tooth and gum tonic before expensive periodontal laser treatments. These products are working for me and I finally feel in control of gums that were worrying and controlling me. I highly recommend Natural Gumption as a wonderful and caring company dedicated to helping people get on the right track of healing and correct dental care.

Judy K