products for bleeding-gums

Choosing the right homecare products to use when you want to help stop bleeding gums is a big deal.

You want to choose products that you will actually use, and ones that fit in your lifestyle.

Be honest and realistic with yourself.  Don’t think that you are going to get every tool and use it each and every night.  Setting unrealistic goals is a sure fire recipe for failure, so in the nature of trusting me a bit, pick 2 or 3 products at most and start with those.  If you feel that you can only handle one at a time, that’s fine too.

If you really like the thought of all of the products, make a list and number them in order of your favorites and pick the first 2 or 3 to start.

Our favorite products that help stop bleeding gums!

Below is the name, a brief description and a link to our favorite products that help stop bleeding gums!

  1. Sulcabrush.  A hand held mini toothbrush looking tool that acts as a flossing alternative and gum massager all at once, also good for removing stain and getting in between the teeth.  The perfect tool to use anywhere
    Click here for ideas on where to use a Sulcabrush, or click here to buy one.

  2. Hydrofloss.  A plug in countertop device that uses water to flush out and irrigate the gum pocket of bacteria and food.  By far, irrigation is the most effective thing you can do for the health of your mouth, but it requires that you actually…..use it.  Just having it on your counter top doesn’t quite cut it.  Using it even just a few days a week will do wonders! 🙂
    Click here to see a video that shows how to use it, or click here to buy one.

  3. 21 Days to a Healthy Mouth.  This online video tutorial course helps you learn the techniques that are needed for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums throughout your life.  Instead of telling you WHAT tools and products to use, it teaches you HOW to use them.  Videos and tutorials can be accessed for a lifetime for when you need a refresher, or are ready to gain a new skill.  This is a great way for people to learn how to take care of their mouths, or for someone who may need to brush up on their skills.  Click here for a quick video that explains the course, or to sign up.

  4. Tooth and Gums Tonic.  An herbal antiseptic mouth rinse that is alcohol free, preservative free and staining free that kills the harmful bacteria and helps good bacteria grow.  Made of herbs and essential oils instead of chemicals and preservatives.  Keeps your breath fresh for hours, and works amazingly well after dental work when your gums are healing or tender.  Available in 18 oz and 2oz bottles.
    Click here to learn more about Tooth and Gums Tonic,or click here to buy it.

  5. Periogen.  A tarter dissolving concentrated powder that you add to either a cup of water and rinse with to remove tartar above the gums, or add to the water in an irrigator for removing tartar from below the gums and in between the teeth!  This product revolutionizes home care!  Never before has this technology been available, and we are so glad that we found it! learn more about periogen, click here to buy it.

  6. Butler GUM Deep Clean.  A soft manual toothbrush that has bristles throughout the head that extend past the regular toothbrush bristles  to clean the most important, but hardest-to-reach areas in your mouth better with its Extremely Tapered Bristles (ETB)

FYI these are many of the tools that I use throughout the week to keep my smile white, my teeth and gums healthy and my breath fresh with little time and little effort. Click here to check out all the products we offer to help stop bleeding gums.

Stopping bleeding gums shouldn’t be hard work, nor should having a clean and healthy mouth.  With only a few minutes a day you should see results quickly that continue to get healthier.

There you have it, a multitude of options that are all designed to help stop bleeding gums.  Which one are you most curious and why?  Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.