“What gets measured get’s improved” Peter Drucker

It’s pretty safe to say that most people would choose health over disease when it comes to their mouth – yet isn’t it interesting that not many people feel that they have the tools necessary to test for a healthy mouth at home, or why it’s even so important.

Throughout the day our mouths are exposed to acids and bases both naturally and by the foods and drink we ingest. A mouth stays healthy when it is able to self regulate between the acids and the bases into the neutral or zone throughout the day. It’s when the balance is too acidic or basic that cavities and gum disease happens.

You may be thinking “So how does one go about figuring out if my mouth is balancing itself out or not?” Here is an indicator…if you have cavities, sensitivity, bleeding gums or build up that requires a “cleaning” you may want to consider pH testing to see what’s going on.

Good news, it’s super easy to test.  The video shows you how I do it.

Testing often and regularly will help you get a good baseline of what is happening. Keeping a log or photo journal can be helpful too. Too acidic and you are likely seeing cavities and or experiencing sensitivity. Too basic and you could be struggling with gum disease and build up.

The video walks you through the importance of testing, and how things you can do if you find that you are acidic and trying to control cavities.  

The links to the testing strips below are the ones I’ve used for many years and have had good luck. If you use the affiliate links below, thank you for helping support this cause of bring oral health home to the consumers!

These strips seem to be the most accurate and consistent for saliva testing. The testing range is in 2 step intervals which means it is sensitive to small changes in pH: http://amzn.to/2AQjz8r

These strips are broad ranged and can be useful for general testing of your water and foods/drinks: http://amzn.to/2AuPeto

Here is the gum I talked about as well 😉

If you want to learn more about how to incorporate pH testing into an overall wellness routine at home, or to help stop cavities and gum disease visit www.oralhealthcoaching.com.