Product Description

Gain these Benefits from our Highly Effective AS10 :

  • Unmatched Array of Antioxidative Agents
  • High Vitamin and Phytonutrient Content
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Boost Your Energy
  • Tastes Great!

From the bounty of the Amazon rainforest and the expertise of NASA comes nature’s perfect blends!

Make a commitment to your good health and experience the rich smooth taste of this blend of the world’s top “Super Fruits.”

Proper nutrition and diet are no longer a goal but a necessity for living well in today’s society. Environmental degradation, economic stress and unhealthy lifestyles are taking a toll on our bodies even at the cellular level.

You can help your body regain the balance nature intended with AS10 and AS10 Fusion. Featuring the new #1 Super Fruit, Cupuaçu, AS10 is the perfect blend of nature’s perfect fruits and leading nutritional science to provide you with a strong daily foundation of vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants.



From the Amazon rainforest comes what could be considered one of the most nutritionally beneficial “Super Fruits” ever introduced to the marketplace, Cupuaçu. Locally known as “pharmacy in a fruit”, the Cupuaçu is a delicious melon-sized fruit with a creamy white pulp

Alone amongst every plant known, Cupuacu fruit has phytonutrient polyphenols (theograndins). These have a myriad of nutritional benefits. Cupuacu is also heavy with vitamins B1, B2, B3 (Niacin), fatty and amino acids, and at least nine antioxidants (including Vitamins A and C). Being from the cocoa family, Cupuacu also has a high flavanoid content.

As a cousin of the Cacoa fruit, the Cupuacu has a tropical flavor with a hint of chocolate. Science has yet to identify all of the potentially beneficial aspects of this miraculous fruit.


Renouned Super Fruit Açai is one of the most nutrient-dense fruits in the world. With an extremely high antioxidant concentration and a rich plant-based source of Omega-3 fatty acids,

Açai is a key component of AS10’s perfect blend. Picked from palms native to the Amazon Rainforest.


From this small Amazon Rainforest berry comes one of the richest known natural sources of Vitamin C and a complex array of phytoantioxidants, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Acerola is the ideal source of nutrients necessary for immune support. This unique Super Fruit plays an important role in AS10 and can be a beneficial component for your health.


As one of the most highly researched of the Super Fruits, Prickly Pear is rich in antioxidants and has shown potential benefits for blood glucose and cholesterol management.

While not from the Amazon Rainforest, Prickly Pear has the scientific evidence to make it a beneficial part of the AS10 blend.


The best Super Fruit from Asia, the Yumberry embodies a unique combination of nutrition and flavor. Locally used as a base for wine-making, the Yumberry is rich in proanthocyanidins, monosaccharides and essential oils to support cellular health.

The Yumberry completes the well-rounded set of Super Fruits contained in AS10.

AS10 seamlessly blends science with the bounty of nature. Of the 10 featured ingredients in AS10, five are the direct result of AmeriSciences’ joint research with NASA/Johnson Space Center under a Space Act Agreement to develop nutritional products for the astronaut corps. Out of this scientific collaboration came a vegetable and fruit formula designed to assist astronauts meet their bodies’ phytonutrient and antioxidant needs in the absence of a good source of fresh fruits and vegetables during long-term space flight. Five key components of this powerful nutritional formula have found a home in AS10.


AS10 is a unique blend of 10 key fruits and vegetables that truly tastes great. Featuring the next generation of Super Fruit from the Brazilian rainforest, Cupuaçu, as well as the proven marketable and beneficial Açai, Acerola, Prickly Pear and Yum Berry, AS10 takes these, the best of the Super Fruits, and combines them with the five top natural ingredients from our joint research with NASA/JSC. Together they form the perfect 10 inside AS10.


Shake well before using. Drink 2 ounces twice or more daily. Best kept refrigerated before and after opening.